Child Support

Securing Proper Child Support

Child support ensures a child's needs are met post-separation, from daily expenses to education. The Law Office of Udo Ezeamama specializes in balancing fairness and the child's best interests in these matters. With Udo's expertise, parents achieve fair, beneficial outcomes for their children. For dedicated support in child support cases, call us at (832) 232-9245 or click the button below to schedule a consultation!

Factors Affecting Child Support

Addressing many aspects of a person's life can help to ensure a fair and adequate provision for a child's needs. These include both parents' incomes, the number of children requiring support, healthcare and insurance costs, educational expenses, and any special needs of the child. Additionally, the amount of time each parent spends with the child can influence the support calculation, as it reflects on the direct care expenses incurred by each parent. These factors collectively determine the child support amount, aiming to balance the child's welfare with the parents' ability to pay.

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